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Our dedicated and professional team works closely with clients to plan and organize your events, delivering the desired results and customer satisfaction.
How we could do for you
    Putting our years of corporate experience into work, NTD Travel will arrange venues that match both the requirements of clients and convenience of attendees.
    NTD Travel will arrange lodging that will meet the needs of the guests and we will also provide the most convenient venue for the conference.
    Let NTD Travel help you manage your conference with a total support system including the creation of programs and floor layouts, translation and interpreting services, equipment rental and providing of event passes and other necessary materials.
    With NTD Travel, there is no need to worry about creating transportation schedules and routes from the event venue and airport to lodging sites. On-site staff will ensure safe and smooth travel of attendees throughout the event.
    NTD Travel can arrange pre/post conference tours, technical visits to related facilities, day excursions and accompanying guest’s programs, everything is led by experienced interpreters. In addition, we can arrange individuals or groups tour.
    Our conference system can handle both attendee’s registration and lodging, allowing efficient collection and smooth management of gathered data. Our bilingual staff will provide attentive service that attendees can depend on.
    During the conference, NTD Travel can arrange information desks at the airport and event site to welcome attendees and further travel arrangements and hospitality desk for hotel service and accommodation.
    Conferences would not be complete without festivities from welcome and farewell receptions to stately ceremonies. NTD Travel can help you with all aspects of these events, including the planning, arrangement, and management of venues, staff, and attractions.
    NTD Travel will assist in all of your needs for VIPs and special guests, including the arrangement of flights and domestic travel, and even gifts for their hotel rooms.
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Call us on +84 24 3 942 5899 or +84 24 3 941 0078 or tell us what you're looking for.
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Hanoi Head Office

5th Floor, GTC Thang Long Building
No. 115 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Viet Nam

T:   (+84) 24 3 942 5899 - (+84) 24 3 942 5117

E:    sales@ntdtravel.com.vn

Ho Chi Minh City Branch Office

2nd Floor, Indochina Park Tower
No. 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dist. 1, Hochiminh city, Viet Nam
T: (+84) 28 2 220 0266
E: sales.hcm@ntdtravel.com.vn  

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