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Interpreting Services

We provide professional interpreting and translating services for business, as well as personal document translation for individuals. 

Interpreters who can speak specialized in English or Japanese
Interpreters who can speak specialized in English or Japanese
On-site interpreting service
On-site interpreting service
Conference interpreting
Conference interpreting
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Interpreting involves the verbal rendition of one language into another and vice versa to facilitate spoken communication between parties, who speak two different languages.

In Vietnam the language combination is generally English and any of the other languages spoken. Some interpreters may interpret in more than two languages, but this is not impossible simultaneously. We provide interpreters for all modes of interpreting in English, Japanese and in all types of event, including:

  • We have broad experience in the on-site or face to face interpreting market. Our interpreters are skilled and trained to interpret on-site at your requested location, either at your office or at any external third party location required. We services all sectors, with significant experience in education; Client interviews, parent/ teachers interviews, information sessions, case work training, seminars, skills related testing sessions, etc.

  • Our team of experienced and qualitied conference interpreters can assist with all your interpreting needs. This ensures you will receive only the highest standard of conference interpreting as all have been through vigorous training and examination.
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Hanoi Head Office

5th Floor, GTC Thang Long Building
No. 115 Le Duan, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Viet Nam

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Ho Chi Minh City Branch Office

2nd Floor, Indochina Park Tower
No. 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dist. 1, Hochiminh city, Viet Nam
T: (+84) 28 2 220 0266
E: sales.hcm@ntdtravel.com.vn  

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